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Last night, dozens of people were arrested in Ferguson, Missouri, (the number has been updated to more than 70) as crowds continue to protest the killing of Michael Brown. Two people were also shot, and remain in unknown condition at a local hospital. While tear gas has not yet been used today, one death was reported just miles from the location in which Brown was shot. A robbery suspect wielding a knifewas shot and killed by St. Louis Police Department officers. 

Though the situation in Ferguson is grim, Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson believes that much of the trouble is being caused by a “tiny minority of lawbreakers" rather than the predominantly peaceful protesters. He specifically cited "heavy gunfire" against police officers in the middle of the night and the use of petrol bombs. 

Tomorrow, a grand jury will hear the investigation of Michael Brown’s death. The grand jury was set up very rapidly, before even the third autopsy results have returned. This could lead to a speedy indictment for Darren Wilson, the first step to a trial, if the grand jury sees fit. The city of Ferguson has also pledged to put vest cameras on their police officers to help deter violence. Hopefully, this leads to a more calm evening in Ferguson, Missouri. 

Source: Polly Mosendz for The Wire

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Can u read lips ?


Young Dorothy Dandridge in the 1940s. A beautiful star in the making…

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The term “tear gas” is a misnomer. For one thing, “tear gas” seems to imply something innocuous— you would think it’s just a chemical that makes you tear up. In fact, tear gas is a dangerous, potentially lethal chemical agent which is outlawed under the Chemical Weapons Convention for use during wartime. As the Omega Research Foundation argues: “Less-lethal weapons are presented as more acceptable alternatives to guns. But these weapons augment rather than replace the more lethal weapons. Euphemistic labels are used to create the impression that these weapons represent soft and gentle forms of control. CS is never referred to by the authorities as vomit gas, in spite of its capacity to cause violent retching.” NGO Physicians for Human Rights believes that “ ‘tear gas’ is a misnomer for a group of poisonous gases which, far from being innocuous, have serious acute and longer-term adverse effects on the health of significant numbers of those exposed.”
? What is tear gas? Facing Tear Gas (via gowns)

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antareslips said: Bashing feminists during all of this makes you sound really foolish. Nmos14 was primarily organized by a feminist. Do your research. Also realize feminism is not about being better or feeling superior. Its about equality.


1. National Moment of Silence was organized by Feminista Jones a Black feminist who has dedicated her labors on social media to combat the racist media coverage and the overwhelmingly white supremacist revisionism and lies about the assault on black life. #RememberRenisha (DREAM HAMPTON ANOTHER BLACK FEMINIST WAS THE ONE WHO STARTED THE FIGHT FOR JUSTICE FOR RENISHA) So understand that I know exactly who organized it. Black women organize when no one else does. When yung suffragettes are writing fuckshit articles on, we’re organizing. Trust.

2. Black women have always had to do the labor of remembering and seeking retribution for injustices and human rights violations that occur in our communities especially when they effect Black girls and women. So I’d advice you to do some research on Fannie Lou Hammer, Ida B. Wells (who the suffragettes and 1st wave feminists actually forbade her from marching b/c they were too concerned about the racist souther white women not participating also see) and Rosa Parks and the initial inception of the Civil Rights movement which was all organized by Black women because no one (ESPECIALLY THE RACIST WHITE FEMINISTS UR APOLOGIZING FOR UP IN MY INBOX) fucking no one gave a shit about seeking retribution for Black women who were losing life and being terrorized in Jim Crow South. 

3. Feminism isn’t about superiority, but I’ll tell you something. IT’S NOT ABOUT ENSURING THAT WHITE SUPREMACISTS WHO SEEK TO CONTINUE THE MARGINALIZATION AND DISGUSTING TOKENISM OF WOC COMFORTABLE. Feminism and this neoliberal “equality” fuckshit that doesn’t challenge or begin to even erode at the structures or institutions that replicate and re-enforce white supremacy, patriarchy, imperialism, classism, etc so that they can be “equals” to the current status is bullshit.  AND THAT’S WHAT I WAS CALLING OUT. Everyone else seemed to understand that… So instead of rolling up in my inbox telling me how foolish  I look for calling out the racist bullshit that happens under the guise of “equality”, maybe you should do some research about the fucking movement we’re a part of and the disgusting shit that they’ve pulled to silence women like me an you so that they can maintain the systems that keep them privileged.




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