That one Halloween when my son went as “Cocaine Man” and all the neighbors looked at me like I was a bad parent. 

I spent the next day in the kitchen, scratching my head and going “I coulda swore I had more flour than this.”

Strange to be blessed with a good kid. I hear horror stories like “My son’s meth lab burned down the garage” and I’m all “My son got a B and came home at a reasonable hour.”

One time, though, he got busted for weed in Wyoming. He was out cruising with friends and went over the state line (which was only like 10 miles away). He was driving in his car and as sober and responsible as all shit. Well, one of the little dweebs in the back seat, unknown to everyone else in the car, had a roach. They, of course, got pulled over. Something about not using a blinker. My kid swore up and down he used his blinker and I believe him. A cop that lies? NEVER! The officer asked if he could search the car and my son said “Sure” because he had nothing to hide.

Well, in Wyoming, if anybody in your car has weed, the driver also has weed, so my son was popped for weed in Wyoming.

x Weed in Wyoming X (Sounds like a country song.)

We never went to court or did anything about it. I threw the ticket away and blew it off. He probably has a warrant out in Wyoming. I always tell him “Stay out of Wyoming”, but he never listens. Him and his friend drove right across it to a Queens of The Stone Age concert.

Nothing happened.

For a while after we didn’t go to court, the Wyoming authorities were calling me (my son had given them my number), but I ignored them. Eventually they stopped. I think it would have been hilarious if they tried to extradite him. LOL.

Anyway, this is yet another reason I love federalism.

A Cocaine Man Halloween Costume?  Co’mon White People..

This came across my Tumblr Dashboard for the Wyked Tarte today and we just couldn’t stand it.  there is so much wrong with this. all of it.  Please take a moment and allow the words to just expand in your mind before you make a judgement.

If this kid was Black, He would have been arrested and his car confiscated; if one of his passengers had a weed roach.

The way WSP glaze over racism makes me want to literally vomit.  and then ignoring the summons for court. shiddd that would have ended up putting that Black kid in adult jail for a crime he didn’t commit; mostly because if he was Black and there was a hint that drugs were involved it would have been a FEDERAL CRIME Since He Crossed State Lines.

Oh yeah and since there were at least three people in the vehicle;  it would have to have been a gang thang.. There is nothing about this that is remotely funny, amusing or relevant to anyone except WSP. smdh..

and since we’re pointing out things that wsp think are funny how bout this :

“Alabama is a good place for good negroes to live in, but it is a bad place for negroes who believe in SOCIAL EQUALITY”

A note from the Klan found on Angelo Herndons front door (viablackhistoryday)

Laughing at RACISM is As American as Chittlings unfortunantly.

“Negroes know perfectly well that whenever they try to lead revolution in America, the nation will unite as one fist to crush them and them alone”

W.E.B Du Bois

WSP Wake The HELL UP  You Are Not CUTE and This is NOT FUNNY,

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