Some people like to complain that our society is “dumbing down”, noting that very few read Shakespeare or listen to Bach nowadays. However, these people typically fail to notice that hardly anybody read Shakespeare a century ago (if they could read at all), and that probably more are reading him now than ever before. Moreover, an objective observer cannot fail to notice that a typical TV series or even an ad nowadays is much more complex and fast-paced than it used to be half a century ago. Thus, even the “non-intellectual” stimuli we are bombarded with demand ever more intense cognitive processing. In the workplace too, we see that what used to be repetitive industrial and agricultural jobs tend to be replaced by knowledge work, caring for people, or controlling complex machinery. As a result, people with a low intellectual level find it increasingly difficult to find a decently paying job, thus being stimulated to develop themselves.

Francis Heylighen (via azspot)

what bothers me about this is that there is no mention of the real intelligence which is overlooked in favor of classist euro trash.  Wonder how many of them have read Franz Fanon; or even know who invented Mathematics, or the First Languages and Science ..

Until those things become a part of the accepted machinery of dismantling this classist racist outlook of intelligence; overly read and educated phd’s like me will never get a job.

Thank The Creator I Have the Intelligence to Know Better than to stoop so low as to “NEED” that type of living.

(via azspot)

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