WTF Strauss Kahn ? IMF Head Arrested for Sexual Battery in NYC

WTF is wrong with Strauss Kahn ?

Since When has it been difficult for a rich old bastard to pay for the snizz ? this horndog reportedly raped a maid at the NYC Sofitel this weekend; then skipped town leaving all his shit in the hotel room.

This is what BBC Says Happened :

Shortly before 5:00 p.m. Saturday, three Port Authority detectives pulled Dominque Strauss-Khan off an Air France plane, moments before it was due to take off, and charged him with attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment.

The alleged victim told police she was unaware that the politician was inside his room when she entered it around 1:00p.m. Saturday.

The 32-year-old Sofitel Hotel housekeeper said once inside, Strauss-Khan emerged from the bathroom, naked, then without warning chased her down the hallway of the $3,000 a night suite then forced her into a bedroom, where he forced her to perform oral sex.

The woman told police she eventually forced Strauss-Kahn off her and out of the room and alert a colleague, who called the police.

Authorities say Strauss-Khan, who is the CEO of International Monetary Fund, then escaped the hotel leaving his cell phone and other personal belongings in the West 44th Street posh hotel.

The married man made his way to Kennedy Airport, where he purchased a first class ticket to Paris.

Police were able to trace Strauss-Kahn, who has a planned meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel today in Berlin, to the airport, where he was arrested.

Cheap Skeezy and Sleezy. hope the cops used a hazmat team to pick his ass up off the plane. and yeah he thought he could escape back to switzerland to escape the charges. youuubissshhhh…

Accosting Female Chambermaids in Luxe Hotels in NYC ?
This is Strauss Kahn and his wifey

This sounds like some Charlie Sheen Shit. Strauss Kahn was being touted to take over from Nicnic Sarcosi, which with this stunt surely won’t be happening. His previous brushes with sexual abuse were smoothed over by the banks and he was left on a free leash. now we all know what a dog he really is. a real first class flea motel.

No doubt we all knew he was an ego maniacal lil sob. But a rapist ? damn.. Normally He Rapes Economys and Governments. this must have been a freak (oops) Occurrance.

Take a look at lil Dominique at work talking about how he thinks shit should run in the EU under his direction. yeah he has napoleonitis.

Strauss Kahn you Freaky Lil Toad. we hope they rape your ass in the bronx. then send you to the tombs to be touched up once more again. Normally we don’t endorse rape; but in this case we think An Ass should beget an asshole.

yeah solid. like ashford and simpson.

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